Meril Rose Water Glycerine – 60ml

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Meril is a renowned brand in Bangladesh that is owned by Square Toiletries Ltd company. This offers different kinds of skincare products while ensuring the high quality of the products. It offers several kinds of glycerin and one of the types is rosewater glycerin. This product comes with the fragrance of a rose that gives a fresh feeling after applying. The most different part of this glycerin is that water does not need to be added to it. This will remove the five symptoms of dryness that will keep your skin moisturized. It can be used all over the body including the face. It will help us to reduce the dullness of the skin and bring back the natural glow of the skin.

Product Technical Details
Item: Glycerin
Size: 60 ml
Packaging: Plastic Bottle
Scent: Rose
Concern: Dry Skin
Usability: Daily use
Rose water, Glycerin.

Product Benefits
Give you instant glowy skin.
Instant relief from extreme dryness.
Rosy fragrance with glycerin.
You do not need to mix it with water.
Can be applied all over the body.Ready-to-use anytime.
Give relief from itching or inflammation.
Help to improve skin condition.
Keep your skin hydrated for a long time.
Make your skin bright, smooth, and soft.
How to Use
Wash your skin with a cleanser.
You can apply it whenever your skin needs moisture.
Without adding water, take a few drops of it.
Massage with the palm.
Apply where you need.
Usage Information
Can be applied on the face, hand, and all over the body.
Both men & women can apply it.
Whenever your skin needs it, apply it.

Avoid applying in the spot area.
Avoid extreme dry skin.
Make the skin moisturized before applying.
Do not use it more than 3 times in a week.
How do you use Meril rose water glycerin?
Meril rose water can be used whenever you want. It does not need to be added with water to apply to the skin. You can just simply take a few drops of the rose glycerin and rub it on the palm then apply it on the skin to get an instant glowy and hydrated skin.
What is meril glycerin use for?
Meril rose water glycerin is a combination of rose water and glycerin that has both benefits of these two. It is used for making the skin moisture and keep your skin hydrated for a long time. This helps to provide you instant relief from extreme dryness.
Is rose water glycerin good for face?
Yes, rose water glycerin is good for the face as this helps to keep the moisture locked for a long time and prevent early aging. You can consider it as a toner that gives you a fresh and clean feeling.